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Where people come together to create open spaces in their minds, bodies and spirits.

In person or virtually guided Qigong, Tai Chi or Nia movement for vibrant joy and balance with certified instructor, Sandra Mighell

Joyful cardio dance practice that blends diverse music with easy to follow choreography

Movement meditation from the martial arts, which enhances joint health, balance and overall wellbeing

Gentle movement, breath and mindful focus come together to enhance health and longevity

Nia Certified 1st Degree Black Belt Instructor

Nia Certified Freedance Instructor

L1 SSQ and OCQ Certified Qigong Instructor

TCA I and II Certified Tai Chi Instructor

Private and Group Movement Facilitator

Sandra Mighell                           

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I also teach private and small group classes, either live or by Zoom. 

Contact me to set up a customized class for you, your friends, your family or your office mates!

I'm Sandra, a believer, practitioner and instructor of mindful movement since 1999. This journey into loving the body with movement is one that is worth taking!  

I've seen fantastic transformations in self healing and body awareness for myself and others in my classes at community and wellness centers, yoga and pilates studios, YMCAs, government and corporate offices, and even art venues. I love teaching outdoors in summer!

the ultimate self care practices for mind, body, emotions and spirit

Qigong, Tai Chi and Nia Classes

Kind Words from Students

As a mental health professional who specializes in trauma, I know the strong relationship between mindfulness, wellbeing, and healing. Tai Chi is one of the most powerful ways I have found to practice and nourish mindfulness in action. And by its nature, Tai Chi has allowed me to strengthen my body. I have found countless benefits and blessings in the movement and community of Tai Chi practice with Sandra. Thank you, Sandra, for creating a place of nonjudgement, joy, and movement!

I have found countless benefits and blessings in the movement

Stephanie Beck, LPC

 Qigong is sort of a moving meditation which helps me feel grounded and connected. My physical and mental health are both impacted immediately! Sandra is such a skilled and intuitive instructor! I learn the movements, but also learn why we're doing the movements and how that can positively impact my well-being. She's also fun! I highly recommend her classes to anyone who's looking to take their health to the next level.

My physical and mental health are both impacted immediately!

Laura Bertram, DC

Sandra's Nia class was on my to-do list for a year before I gave myself the gift of just going for it. It was a wonderful brain and body sync-up, it got me in touch with my inner dancer, and helps me work up a sweat! She's a wonderful instructor who makes you smile and challenges you and I love how Nia combines a little bit of dance, martial arts, and even yoga. It's so good for us! Go for it! 

It's so good for us! Go for it! 

Sarah Stokes, The Juicy Good Life

Sandra’s classes are the least expensive therapy around. They exercise, develop and heal the brain, body, heart and spirit. There is nothing quite like a Sandra class, which is why I travel hours to experience one and have been doing so for 17 years. (7-hour roundtrip drive for a class is my personal record.)

The least expensive therapy around!

Rena Derezin, Licensed Professional Counselor

Sandra has been an inspiration. Her knowledge, patience, humor and joy has set me on a path of self-improvement. She has taught me through QiGong and Tai Chi to be more accepting of myself, to be more patient with others and to develop a calmer and more focused life. I’m honored to be on this journey of self-awareness with Sandra: my teacher and my friend.

I'm honored to be on this journey of self-awareness

Lisa Blazek, Retired, Eau Claire WI

Qigong is a 5,000-year-old practice, which implements gentle movement, breath and mind focus. "Qi" or "Chi" means energy or life force. Gong means cultivation/practice, with purpose and intent.  

A number of recent studies have shown that Qigong enhances many different aspects of body health, longevity and body balancing. 

Cultivating Life Force

About Qigong

The Chinese practice of Tai Chi has its roots in the martial arts, but in more recent times has evolved into more of a gentle movement meditation and self healing practice in the West. Tai Chi, like Qigong, has myriad benefits for health and longevity. 

Dr. Paul Lam's Sun-Style Tai Chi for Arthritis has been approved by the Arthritis Foundation and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help improve not only joint health, but also mental health and overall quality of life. This form is not just for those with arthritis...all ages and abilities can benefit. Join our fun community!

Stand like Mountain, Flow like Water

About Tai Chi


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